Girls Night Out, Scared night out

Last night, a group of my new friends wanted to have a Girls night out. They planned it without me and came up with a list of things they know I like to do… One girl brought coloring books, someone else brought wine and yet another had gluten free cookie dough.
It sounds like a great time to be surrounded by people who like you enough to take your likes and dislikes into consideration…
I went to the gym and spent an hour convincing myself I would go. I dragged myself out of the apartment, and less than a mile away to M’s house and found myself surrounded by people who like me… And it was overwhelming.
At some point, after wine and conversations led to a partial listing of my anxieties, someone asked if I had always been anxious and scared. I would have said yes, but I thought and thought…
I’m a planner. I’ve always planned for worst case scenarios, but the worst case has never stopped me from doing anything before. I can trace my anxiety at this level to the day I lost the kids… Everything I had been doing up until Nov 28, 2012 was to survive. I didn’t have time to decide not to do something, because inaction would have destroyed us… I had to keep moving. When the kids were gone, I lost my purpose. I had nothing but time to think of all the awful things that had happened, that could happen… I didn’t have an army of small children to protect. I didn’t have instant connections with other people in the form of being a mom. I could relate to others because life was as normal as it could be, prior to losing the kids. Now I find it hard… The priorities other people have, conversations about children, what other people stress about. You mean, you don’t worry about someone breaking into your house and killing you as you sleep? Hmm… What’s that like? Lately, I want to be normal. I want to have friends. I want to go out and not freak out when I see people with cameras… But I still have all this time to be anxious. All this time my life is still in hold. All these court dates that never really happen. All this anger that my ex still gets to express to me without consequence…

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