Stalking, as defined…

784.048 Stalking; definitions; penalties.—
(1) As used in this section, the term:
(a) “Harass” means to engage in a course of conduct directed at a specific person which causes substantial emotional distress to that person and serves no legitimate purpose.

Baby Daddy likes to reach out to my parents when he doesn’t get a response from me while he’s playing his little mind games. Anywhere else, and in all of florida except my case, this would clearly be stalking. There’s no reason for him to have any contact with my family or friends at all. I’m quite certain, I’d be in jail if I tried to contact his friends or family, as if I’d have a reason… But here’s an exchange being supervised by our court ordered therapist in response to my asking him not to contact my parents again…

On Feb 26, 2014 9:59 AM, “D ” wrote:
I will ask you, again, to please refrain from communicating with my family. It is not necessary for you to start any sort of dialogue with my parents when any sort of parenting arrangements should be made through myself and you, as parents

[His Response]

I asked your parents if they would like to have the girls for the evening or overnight sometime because the girls miss them. I’m not going through you to arrange that. If they choose not to than thier loss.

Yep, clearly that’s what I said. I’m so mean I never want my kids to see my parents again, that’s what the first email says, right??

Again, the courts and our therapist allow him to harass me and stalk me whenever he wants with no consequence, and should I say anything to redirect or change the behavior, I’m crazy…
It’s embarrassing to me that my poor life decision of marrying a psychopath continues to have intimidating an emotional effects on my family and friends. It’s emotionally draining to carry my own anxiety and guilt about my relationship, but adding to that the stress of feeling like I have to protect everyone I know from Baby Daddy is overwhelming.

10 thoughts on “Stalking, as defined…

    • I guess they could… But we are all afraid to do anything since the judge basically said I couldn’t be protected against him… My parents don’t want to do anything to incite her and cause her to judge against me when we go to trial…. One day…. In a far off future

      • It’s crazy. I found that the female judges are the wost. I had a male judge to begin and he was fair and understanding. A female judge took away my order of protection because me a user was in jail. Wonder how she would feel if she knew he was up for parole? It if your judge had a daughter in your position… Sick

      • We had a male judge in another county grant an order and then our divorce judge rescinded it. She’s an awful human being in general… Her daughter was married to someone I used to work with at Chase. Small town politics at work…

      • Oh wow…. That would be way worse, I think. I do think it’s funny that my abuser hates the town he told the judge my kids needed to stay in for their education… He was trying to punish me into staying. Well, fine now you have the kids and you can stay in Podunk, Florida too…

      • I’m so surprised bc I have been told that floridas laws were better. But I guess shit is shit no matter where you go… Ugh

      • Honestly, my biggest mistake was marrying him. I would get more protection and advocacy if he were just the kids’ dad, but being married grants him more parental rights.. And you know, preserving someone’s rights is of much higher importance than a child’s wellbeing…

      • Believe me I know but I was not married and this nut job who is in prison for being a drug dealer and DV still has rights… Only in america

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