#StripForJackie Campaign Gains Momentum

Hummus For Thought

As part of the growing scandal surrounding Caretaker Youth and Sports Minister Faisal Karam’s call for an investigation over Lebanese Olympian Jackie Chamoun’s past photoshoot, Lebanese netizens have already come up with a creative way to support Jackie: Stripping.

The #StripForJackie campaign has just started and already features 10 models, men and women, who have stripped featuring a “I am Not Naked/I am a [Enter Job description]” tagline. Photographers Tarek Moukaddem and Carl Halal are the men behind the lenses (and in front of it) and they have called for everyone to join by sending them a message and booking an appointment.

Why are they doing this? Here’s the page’s description:

“Some women are beaten or killed, others are raped, and the media shifts their attention to a confident talented beautiful woman who represents her country at the Olympic games. This is about telling our “peers” to set…

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