I can’t even

I realize that statement is so far from a grammatically correct statement, that it’s almost laughable. There are no other words for the way I feel right now… Ok, maybe incredulous. Righteously beside myself? I guess there are others, but right now, I can’t even.

Yesterday was a barrage of emails from baby daddy telling me he didn’t need to have two way conversations with me because I accused him of abuse (never mind the arrest and plea). Today I get this gem:

This morning Baby 4 said to His married girlfriend “I really miss my mommy” the last couple weeks she has been clingy and sometimes irritable. Is there anytime soon that maybe you could or would like to have them visit you here at your parents for the weekend?
I know that it would mean a lot to be able to spend some time with you.

Ummmm I left the county because I’m terrified of you. You don’t get to make me feel bad that custody of our children is misplaced because of your history. Maybe she’s clingy and irritable because you abducted her and she had never been apart from me?

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