An Open Letter to Q-106 & Country Radio Stations Everywhere: If You Value Women’s Lives, Please Stop Playing “Redneck Crazy”

I thought I might be the only person in the world with a problem with this song! It’s a definite trigger for me and I have to change the station immediately when it comes on. There’s nothing romantic, or appropriate to glorify, about stalking.

sundays, too

[source] I see I have some explaining to do. I’m going to have to admit to listening to (and liking) country music before I get any farther. As a young woman of Middle Eastern descent who grew up first-generation American in the heart of the Midwest, I often find myself in the midst of cultural identity crises such as this one. Growing up, I tried really hard not to like country music. I was too cool, obviously, in my studded camouflage bell-bottoms from Old Navy, and anyway I couldn’t relate. My mom doesn’t make casseroles, potato salads, or apple pies. She does, however, cook large quantities of white rice like it is going out of style, serve Arabic coffee in cup sizes that Starbucks customers would throw a fit over, and shape ground lamb into kafta for my dad to grill outside in the sweet Michigan summer nights the…

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