Judge Schoonover

I guess my judge has finally stepped on the right toes and garnered herself some attention for being shady…


13 thoughts on “Judge Schoonover

  1. I read that the Florida Bar specifically states that judges are not to be friends on social media sites with attorneys. I am wondering if there is also a rule about court ordered psychologists, like Dr. Pittington? They were friends on Facebook as recently as August 2013. It sounds like a huge conflict of interest that she appoints him to cases and is his friend AND usually, if not always, follows his recommendation. Even though he has now deleted her comments on his page, deleted Facebook records can be requested by the court. It is worth investigating. She needs to be stopped.

    • I think there is a huge conflict of interest with her recommendations to Dr Pittington. They also attend church together. Dr pittington also stands to gain financially through her drawn out court proceedings because of the extended counseling requirements they come up with. I don’t have the resources to fight this at a higher level, my family is already in debt with helping me and now we stand to lose the home we never would have purchased had we known the children wouldn’t be permitted to live in it. It’s a lot like banging my head against a brick wall.

    • Dr Pittington MUST be investigated as well because he KNEW he was the ONLY one she sent ALL of those parents/children too! Absolutely unethical and should be against the law! Dr Pittington deemed me a threat to my girl friend’s boys WITHOUT proof and/or involving DCF in order to do an investigation! How is that this SINGLE person has this kind of unchecked power?! At no point had I EVER been a threat to ANY child and now I have this false charge against me. Disgusting! I took her youngest boy to his office for a session, I was told they had no paper work on him and was told they could not see him but could see his older brother again. Her son has Aspergers and began crying and having a melt down… STILL Pittington said he could not see the young boy and took the older brother! Seriously, how hard is to put the paperwork together when YOU are the court appointed parent coordinator and KNEW he was to see BOTH boys. Instead I was left to comfort the child as best I could while his older brother took his session. At that point, because, I let it be known that I was NOT happy about the situation I was highly disliked by Dr Pittington and I believe he was waiting for an opportunity to do something in return for causing a problem within his office. I have an email where he states that the boys are to have NO contact with me and that I am a threat. I demand PROOF! I helped their mother take care of both boys for 4 years! Took them to and from school, activities, sports and anything else their mother needed of me…

  2. It always sickened me how judges & lawyers in Seminole County were in bed together, leading to biased & unfair judgements. Now I see that the judge who was very unfair to me took this a step further into the lives of her litigants & mental health counselor. I would not be surprised if there were financial kickbacks to Judge Schoonover. Follow the money.

    • ABSOLUTELY! I believe my girl friend’s ex husband also made financial contributions to Dr Pittington to swing his opinion his direction. She demanded that his nanny be investigated. It took nearly two months for Dr Pittington to do so, or claim to do so but she never seen any report of said investigation! Really?! But told her that he found nothing wrong but did NOT charge her for the investigation per the agreement that if he found nothing she would have to pay for his time and investigation… NO charge?! NO paperwork of investigation?! Something stinks!

  3. Right, Hector. I am worried that some of the attorney’s are greatly influenced by her. I hope mine is not but I have that fear. She drags out the cases granting multiple hearings and ordering multiple mental health visits at the expense of the victims of the family law system. The attorney’s and mental health professionals are making money from her orders. I have spent thousands of dollars since 2010.

    The ABA specifically stated, “Judges should not form relationships with persons or groups that may convey an impression that these people and entities are in a position to influence the judge, the opinion says. Judges also should take care to avoid comments or interactions that may be interpreted as ex parte communications concerning pending matters. And they should avoid using social networking sites to obtain information about matters before them.”

    Judge Schoonover should not be permitted to order anyone to see Pittington. She should not be involved in the choice of practitioners at all. She and Pittington were Facebook friends, she commented on his pictures and posts and they attend church together. She should recuse herself from any case in which he is involved. I hope more of her victims will step forward.

  4. None of us who have been wronged by this Judge have the resources to investigate her unethical judgements. We can all file a compliant with the State Bar & they will investigate into this. The Bar will find one case among our many that will stick & bring this bad Judges down. Justice will prevail.

    • If I had unlimited financial resources, I’d use them. As it is, my estranged husband never paid support before he decided to file for divorce, my new (for the last 5 years) boyfriend has spent his life savings buying a house for us and helping to pay my legal bills, my mom and dad have almost lost their house helping me, my grandpa has used a huge chunk of his retirement helping us, my boyfriend’s extended family has had to step in… If it weren’t for my boyfriend’s financially stable family, I would have had to stop fighting when the children were removed from the domestic violence shelter. These rulings aren’t just effecting the children and myself, these are rulings that are ruining entire families… It’s nuts that she has this much power.

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