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I guess my judge has finally stepped on the right toes and garnered herself some attention for being shady…



Domestic Violence Laws: PA vs. NJ

Common Law

During my time at Rutgers School of Law-Camden, I was very active in the Domestic Violence Project and the Domestic Violence Clinic. I provided legal information to victims of domestic violence in Camden County, NJ who were trying to obtain a Final Restraining Order (FRO) and  represented clients in their court hearings. I quickly became used to New Jersey’s DV law and the protections it gave to victims. Having had personal experience with Pennsylvania’s DV system, I already knew that their protections were inferior to NJ. I never realized how inferior until I returned to PA.

I’m going to focus on final orders in this post. In NJ, when a person wants to get protection from somebody who is abusing them, they obtain an FRO. The PA equivalent of this is a Protection From Abuse order, or PFA. Each state has their own statute that specifically addresses what someone…

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Birds of a feather

Just a couple weeks ago, BBD was doing the politically correct thing and hating on George Zimmerman, publicly. Today, him and GZ are carrying on a public dialogue, from an account with BBD’s physical address linked to it, despite my begging him to remove that portion of his website for our children’s safety. Despite my views on the entire GZ debacle, basic internet safety rules should prevail. WTF? But more so, way to prove the manipulative side of a narcissistic personality..




tactics/ploys of psychopathic narcissists in family law courts


The Tactics and Ploys of Psychopath Aggressors in the Family Law System

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 by Charles Pragnell

In the twenty years I have been advising parents, children, and their legal advisers in several hundred cases in Family Law matters, I have often been asked, “Why is it that children are so often ordered to have contact with, and even into the custody of, parents who have abused them and have perpetrated violence against their partners.”
The answer to this question is not simple and involves an examination of the requirements of Family Laws which stress the importance of children having both parents in their lives after parental separation, the dynamics of legal processes, and the often very clear gender biases of the principals involved in judicial processes.
But one of the most outstanding and consistent features of proceedings involving the care of children post-separation are the conduct…

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Magical Thinking………..

Why Violence?!

Certain people I have interacted with throughout my life will swear on a stack of bibles that I made them mad at me or jealous.  Because I’ve made them feel this way, they scream at me, and hit me.  What an awesome POWER it is to be able to MAKE people feel and do ANYTHING I WANT!  Hmmmmm………does anybody know how to get a hold of Bill Gates?  Maybe I can MAKE him feel generous and he’ll break me off a bill or two.
Seriously?  How about you manage your feelings, and I’ll manage mine?  If we do this, and we are both coming from a place of kindness, caring, and respect, how can we go wrong?  I think I just solved the problem of world peace.

child sees violence

……and I’ll grow up  to repeat it because it’s all I ever learned from you.  I too will believe that others can magically…

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