How the military protects the ones who harm others


In 2006, things were volatile in my home, to say the least. Baby 2 was diagnosed with Aspberger’s and Baby 4 was struggling through cardiac issues and development issues… Oh, and there was a new war. I was 25 with 4 small children and a husband deployed for over a year. When he came home, in the course of the month before the above email, I caught him in bed with one of his lower enlisted sailors, he beat the crap out of me in base housing and then he tried to kill himself.
When I decided to reach out to the command master chief for help, my husband was sent the above email from his shop’s LCPO (his boss).

If someone would have helped me 7 years ago, when I started asking, how much different would my life be? Where would my girls be today? Because he was told to shut me up, no records were ever found of his violence that night…
I’m so tired of keeping quiet and trying to protect the Navy I once loved.

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