A change in the weather

I am writing this letter with hopes that media attention will help correct the wrongs that have been committed by the Seminole County court over the last 3 years.
I am a victim of domestic violence. My spouse is a former Navy sailor whom I originally left in 2009. Attempts to collect any sort of support by the state were stalemated by my spouse’s deployment to Iraq. In 2011, my spouse decided to come back to my residence and under marital property laws reinforced by Seminole County Sheriffs, integrated himself into the home my children and I had enjoyed to ourselves, funded by my parents, for two years. My spouse was arrested and convicted in 2011 of domestic violence and I sought shelter at a Seminole county domestic violence shelter, where eventually I received a state grant to establish a safety plan and housing from my abuser. Frustrated with not being able to locate me, my spouse moved to Washington State. In the summer of 2012, my spouse was informed that I had purchased a new home, 7 miles away, in Volusia county. He promptly returned to Seminole county and abducted our four children from the home I now reside in. Due to the fact my spouse had once again evaded the state of Florida, I was unable to file divorce paperwork in his absence and he was granted rights to our children due to our marital status. After a break in into my home in November, I once again sought refuge at a shelter with the children. Shelter personnel were required to put us on a strict “lock down” due to My spouse’s constant stalking of the facility and the children’s bus stops. During this time, my spouse continued to volunteer at Idyllwilde Elementary under the watchful eye of Principal Carol Ann Darnell, under the guise of wanting to be involved with our children after 14 years of absence. The issue, due to my spouse’s domestic violence issue, he never completed the county’s required volunteer form that would have rendered him unable to supervise other children. Ms. Darnell and school board attorney, Ned Julian, took it upon themselves to notify my spouse of our location without realizing the serious amount of harm they were putting us into, or had subjected other children to. In court proceedings, Judge Linda Schoonover has repeatedly ruled that the children maintain their enrollment in Seminole County schools, so as to participate in their customary extracurricular activities (that I previously oversaw). I finally have given up fighting this ruling, resigning myself of a lifetime of tortured shared custody with a man empowered to keep abusing me by Seminole County, until today. Today I was informed, by my spouse that he has been excluded from participating in activities with children due to domestic violence, finally someone at Millennium Middle School forced him to submit a volunteer application. As a result, the activities the court sought to keep my children active in, will not be feasible since the person the court granted majority time sharing to has been deemed inappropriate to care for children. I have no criminal convictions, or charges. I am a military veteran discharged on good terms. The fact that a man who has been repeatedly investigated, reprimanded and charged with domestic violence has been awarded majority time sharing of minor children is a judicial travesty. The fact that Seminole County Public Schools has repeatedly put myself, my children and other people’s children in danger also should not be ignored. Is there anyway you could help me share my story to change the outcome?

Thank you in advance

4 thoughts on “A change in the weather

  1. Hey there, have you heard of Change.org? I think you can get a better outreach with it then blogging. There you will need to be more specific as to what you need to have done. In simple words. I want to help you, but I am a bit confused after reading it. I know there is a lot of emotion in your writing and it shouldn’t be different. Just try to make it more reader friendly so people can better understand and help you! Don’t give up. EVER.

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