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With a little help from my dad

This will cause me to no longer be anonymous but I don’t know what else to do..
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If you are driving when you get this, PLEASE answer when it is safe
Sent by Skip’s I Phone

Begin forwarded message:

From: Skip Sage
Date: March 5, 2013, 1:22:40 PM EST
Subject: I NEED Help please

To Whom it concerns,

My name is Bernard P. Sage. I am the father of Denise E Anderson Sage. Denise is has been in the process of divorcing her husband Eric C Anderson for nearly 2 years now. The proceeding is being presided over by Judge Schoonover.

There are 4 minor girls, my grand daughters involved in this mess. The oldest is 14 and the youngest is 8. I need some assistance because every time that my daughter appears before Judge Linda Schoonover, she gets less and less contact with the 4 girls she raised primarily by herself while her husband was in the military and then after retirement away from the family home. I want to state up front that I understand I have no right or privileges in this case as a grand parent.

My concern is primarily for the mental health and well being of my oldest daughter Denise. The reason for the divorce is because over the length of the marriage my daughter was a battered wife. This information is well documented through records at the commands that Eric Anderson served. Several times, police had to be involved and there was continual intervention from his command to ensure he provided for the children and his wife financially. He would change passwords on the family checking account and she would then be forced to ask us for financial assistance to turn power on, pay rent, feed the children. We did this without fail.

Eric was deployed to the Gulf in 2009 and Denise and her 4 children moved in with my wife and I and remained with us for nearly 2 years, again no financial support from Eric. He would come visit the children on the weekends once a month even after he returned from deployment.

I apologize if this is rambling on but I am at a loss of resources and I am in need of some information and possible guidance. We do have an attorney. We are on our second attorney and approximately 18K into this divorce. I have several concerns but mainly that Judge Schoonover has mandated family counseling with Denise and Eric and the children. I remind you that Denise is a battered wife and in all of my life experience and now documented research, it is unhealthy that she be in the same room as her abuser. It is also documented by the family counselor that he is continually verbally abusive to Denise in the counselors presence.

The long awaited mediation was yesterday. Somehow the result of it is that now my daughter is not entitled to the limited every other weekend visitation but only a 4 hour visit once every other weekend visit.

Again, I have many concerns, not the least of which is the concern for what this whole process is doing to my 4 grand children but primarily how this is destroying my little girl. Please understand that they were married for 13 years of his military career so as I understand it, by law, my daughter is entitled to 50 percent of his retirement. I am a retired Navy Senior Chief myself so I know approximately how much that would be. He has to this date paid ZERO. and is not employed while my daughter is trying to be responsible and works 2 jobs and is in her final year of a college program leading to her being an RN.

This is only a small portion of my frustration. As in all briefs, there needs to be desired outcome.

I am asking for an audience with the Chief Justice, if nothing else to get an understanding of what is expected of my daughter to be considered a fit and respectable mom. Clearly being arrested in Seminole County for domestic abuse and serving time in Seminole County Jail system has not affected the courts view on Eric’s parenting skills. Nor has the fact that the court mandated counselor stating that Denise remain behind until her abusive husband has cleared the parking lot.

I am not worried about spending whatever money it costs to correct this gross injustice but I do need to know why the Judge assigned has taken my daughters’ children away from her and left them with an unemployed and abusive father.

I would appreciate a call to arrange an audience with the Chief Justice at your convenience.


Bernard P. Sage